Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Second Best Dead or Alive Game Ever

It’s taken forever to get to my final impressions of Dead or Alive 5 done, but I was grappling with a serious question. Within the first two weeks of playing I already knew the game was something special. The greatly improved character models/faces, the interesting stages, and the fantastic (although still confusing) story mode kicked all kind of ass. The strongest showing for the new Team Ninja by far.

The big question I was wrestling with was “where does this rank in the history of DOA games?”. I went back and forth on this quite a bit and I nearly declared it the best ever. So what’s the best? The first Dead or Alive on the Saturn. It’s easily the one I logged the most hours on and very playable to this day (this past weekend actually).


The overall rankings look like this:

1)    Dead or Alive 1 (Sega Saturn)
2)    Dead or Alive 5 (PS3/360)
3)    Dead or Alive 2 (three-way tie between the US PS2 Hardcore edition, the Japanese Dreamcast  version, and the Ultimate Xbox version)
4)    Dead or Alive 4
5)    Dead or Alive 3

For the purists out there, the Japanese release of DOA 2 hardcore featured the most unlockables until the Xbox version rolled out later on although it supposedly didn’t have everything the Japanese Dreamcast version had (it gets really confusing and I may be wrong).

But I digress. Dead or Alive 5 is fantastic. The only thing that annoys me about it is the insane prices for the DLC content. I have not purchased any. At. All.

I do want to support the series and the way to do that will be to buy the upcoming Dead or Alive 5 Plus for the Vita which appears to include a lot of the DLC  for the console versions (hence the “plus”).

This all leads me to hope for a new Dead or Alive Xtreme game. If the new Team Ninja can ramp up the X series in the same way they have for DOA 5, I will be supremely satisfied. In case you were wondering, here is how I would rank the DOA series if the X games were included:

1)    Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball (Xbox)
2)    Dead or Alive 1 (Sega Saturn)
3)    Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 (Xbox 360)
4)    Dead or Alive 5 (PS3/360)

And the rest of the ranking are the same.

So as you can see, I LOVE me some Xtreme. The combination of collecting/gifting, gambling, and relaxing island “scenery” is pretty random, but it hit a nerve somewhere deep in me. Despite Xtreme 2 being a warmed over sequel, I still grudgingly enjoyed it for 80+ hours.

On a somewhat related note, I finally picked up a copy of Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 for the PS3. If I ever get around to playing it, look for a post eventually.