Monday, November 23, 2015

Black Friday videogame price watch

I should be done with Legacy of the Void or close to it by the end of next week and that means looking out for good gaming bargains!

Fallout 4 PS4 – I’m trying to wait as long as possible so more bugs can be patched. The best thing woul be to wait for a Game of the Year edition with all the DLC, but I’m such a huge Fallout nerd that it’s taken every ounce of will power to have sat out the launch. $30-40 will push me over the top. That will take some of the sting off the season pass. Of all the games listed, this has the highest costume potential although I will eventually end up in power armor most of the time. Haven't decided yet whether to play as male or female. Played Fallout 3 male and New Vegas as female. 

Ultra Street Fighter 4 PS4 – Hoping for a PSN sale on this one since I won’t play it a ton. SF4 is the only installment of the series I don’t own. Guess that's not a great reason to purchase it. Maybe cross this one off then...

Image from PS Blog flickr

Wasteland 2 Directors Cut PS4 – My kickstarter version was upgraded to the DC for free, but my Mac was already struggling running the game with decent fidelity. I can’t imagine how it will handle the upgraded DC requirements. I think this will be fantastic on the PS4 and it will look a lot better than on my Mac as well. Since this is a double dip, I’m waiting to get this on sale from it’s current asking price of $39.99. Half that and I’m sold.

Image from GameSpot

Deception IV: Nightmare Princess PS4 – I owned this on the Vita, but the small screen size was a huge hindrance for a game where you need to lay intricate traps while keeping an eye on your victim(s). I ended up selling it early enough where I recouped a decent amount of money since I knew I wanted the game on PS3 eventually. The Nightmare Princess is the obligatory PS4 re-mastered version complete with added content. Glad I waited. Now I just have to wait a little longer for this to go on sale. 

Star Wars Battlefront PS4 – It’s been talked to death already regarding the relatively thin content and the outrageous season pass, so I’ll simply just say if this goes on sale for $30 or less I’m totally there.

The Witcher 3 PS4 – I’m actually on the fence about this because I’ve kind of had my fill of fantasy with doing Dragon Age and Diablo III back-to-back. Also the second DLC is not expected until the first half of next year and that sounds about the right time to get into the game.

Any other hot titles folks are waiting for sales on?

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