Thursday, September 08, 2016

Wait begins for Dead or Alive 6 and Next Gen

Let’s catch up shall we? Since we last spoke, here’s what’s been happening or not as it were:

Dead or Alive Xtreme 3
Yes I did own it for a few weeks, but sold it. While the graphics were very nice, I just don’t have the time to grind for swim suits and the lack of any real innovations in gameplay made me lose interest fairly quickly. I’m still predicting we will see a digital only release in the US eventually, probably in early 2017 to take advantage of the PS4 pro visuals and the demand for VR content. Even so, Im done with this series for now.

Dead or Alive 5 Last Round
I’m also done with DOA5LR. I haven’t bought any new DLC since the time of Season Pass 2 and don’t plan to unless there is some kind of crazy fire sale. 

Dead or Alive 6
So in terms of the world of Dead or Alive, things will be quiet until Dead or Alive 6 is officially announced. I’m hoping for a debut at the Tokyo Game Show with a version that takes advantage of the PS4 Pro extra horsepower and a VR mode that is similar to the first person mode seen in the Vita DOA5. Guessing the earliest something like that could get released is Spring 2017. Seems unlikely though.

Street Fighter V
Bought the game at launch and regretted it as I’m a story mode guy. I just let it sit on the shelf as new content has been slowly released. I’ll start playing soon. 

The King of Fighters XIV
I’m very interested in KoFXIV, but will wait till it goes on sale as there really is no rush for me. Love the huge cast. Haven’t looked to see what the costumes situation is yet.

The next (half) generation
Now that the PS4 Pro has been revealed, I’m a bit…underwhelmed with the choices ahead. I’m perfectly happy with my PS4, there really aren’t Xbox One exclusives I’m jonesing for that would make me want the Xbox One S aside from 4K Bluray movies, and the PS4 Pro doesn’t have a 4K bluray disc player or upscale current PS4 games. Project Scorpio is too far away to really bother thinking about.

Surprisingly, the Xbox One S has the best chance of earning a spot on the strength of 4K bluray disc playback. I’ve got a 4K TV that is begging for high quality content although the huge limiting factor is the sparse selection of quality 4K bluray movies.  

The dark horse is the Nintendo NX. The 3DS XL (the newest version) is what I do the majority of my gaming on these days so a more powerful portable/home console combo sounds intriguing to me.